Scent balls

Our scent balls are made from local lime wood and crafted in our factory. All raw materials are naturally degradable and fully recyclable. Experience a fragrance enjoyment of a special kind. The ball made of twisted wood chips cannot only be used as decoration. Drizzled with a few drops of fragrance oil, it fills the room with a pleasant scent and atmosphere.

Dimensions balls

6.3 / 5.51 inches diameter
4.72 / 3.94 inches diameter
3.15 / 2.36 inches diameter

Hemisphere with glass plate

4.72 inches diameter

Packaging scent balls
Fragrance oils

0.34 floz dropper bottle

apple / mango / orange / Christmas /
park lane / spring / lavender


All scent balls are offered in an exclusive black gift box. Optionally already scented with the fragrance oil of your choice or not scented yet.

Fragrance oils

Only a few droplets of a high-quality fragrance oil ensures a long-lasting atmosphere.